Hey mate!

Here you can apply to join our journey of sailing, writing, diving, filming, climbing, hiking and exploring the trees and forests along the amazing coast of Norway.

Good to know:

Pack you’re things in a bag. Do not use a backpack!. Use a bag that easily can be folded small. Don’t bring more then you need. ApusApus is equipt with lifejackets, fishing gear, first aid and more.

What to bring? …your medication, warm clothes(no fancy), warm waterproof shoes, and one pair of jogging shoes. Don’t forget those nice specs. If you’re on a special diet let us know. Please let us know if you have some other needs or requirements.

1: Click one time, on the days you want to participate, in the calendar.

2: Please describe yourself and your occupation/skills with few words, under details, in the booking form. What do you want to learn or get out of this trip? And how can you contribute?

3: If you got some links to youre  pages, articles or work, we are happy if you share: E-mail: kenneth@tree-stories.no

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